Declan's 2*

The best part about being a mom, is
 being a mom
The days are long but the years are short
We all have those good, better, and best days (but who are we kidding, no one likes to blog about the "good" days. Snooze fest). So today was a best day, 
from sun up to sun down. 
This morning as I was holding Declan, it dawned on me that he will never remember these years. The years where I have grown the most, struggled the most, and loved the most. He will never remember the years I will hold onto forever. 
I will try desperately to 
never forget them.

Thinking about these past two years with Decs, looking at pictures, 
and laughing 
at videos with Joe has made for a tender night.  
These sweet and innocent children
are sent to us... 
We are trusted to love them, teach them,
 and never give up on them no matter what happens.

Each moment 
I give up with Declan for something 
of lesser value, 
is a moment I will never get back.
I want as many sweet moments with him as possible. 
I'm not always a great mother
(I mean, I'm writing his birthday post a month after his 2nd birthday and I am pretty sure I didn't write a dang thing for his 1st birthday - and let's be clear, these are probably the least offensive things I've done as a mother), 
but I do my best and hope that
God will make up 
the difference. I have loved these past two years, I know I will love all the years with our sweet one.
Happy Birthday Declan, 
we love you  more than you
 will ever 

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